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Reasons you shouldn’t hire a wedding and event planner.

Events are usually a big deal. Several articles and other blog posts have alluded to the importance of hiring a wedding /event planner to help with the event planning process. A common theme to these opinions is that ‘a planner brings experience, support and relief’. A random survey of brides, grooms and celebrants at various events shows that there is always the need for the expertise and skill that an event planner brings to the table. However, it is easy to be bombarded with these posts in support for hiring a wedding/event planner. So how about those who feel they don’t need a planner?

Here are a few reasons to confirm that you do not need a planner.

  1. You do not care for time management. Event planners help to manage your planning timeline and eventually, the event day’s line-up of activities. If you do not care for things to follow order, for activities/tasks to be done at certain time or if you have all the time in the world, then you don’t need a planner. Planners monitor the planning process for tasks and important dates like payment deadlines and on the event day, ensure that the program flows as desired and avoids lags, extra-long speeches (people sure get carried away) or blank activity windows.

  2. You have an endless source of money. Budget drafting and managing is a crucial task and a great reason to hire an event planner. You may feel you don’t need one if you are not bugged by the price of items or the costs associated with vendors and materials. A planner helps to ensure that you stay within the budget and negotiates deals to help you get the best vendors and services as per your pocket size.

  3. You have super powers. Almost every bride/groom or event owner happens to need some help, even if it’s just for a task…vendor sourcing, seating and floor plan drafting or whatsoever. If you absolutely don’t need any help, can juggle tasks simultaneously without breaking a sweat and still be physically & mentally present at your event, then you are good to go. Though many people are great at multitasking, it takes a great deal of organizing to juggle all the aspects of event planning and management. Event planners bring in expertise and insight which help to make the planning process seamless. They pay attention to details which are often missed amidst loads of activities to check off the to-do list, manage vendors ad avert disasters.

  4. You are super connected. Vendors…vendors...vendors! You may feel you don’t need a planner if know where to get all your vendors from and can negotiate effortlessly with them. You are always available to meet with them and have all the information about what to discuss with them and know who is the best for what. Planners help with vendor sourcing, monitoring their delivery on the event day, help with negotiating their fees, track payments and deadlines and many more.

The list can go on and on about what event planners do.

By now, you should have realized that you do need a wedding/event planner. That is what this post is truly about (did you think I would 'shoot myself in the foot'?) It is a luxury to have family members and friends who are willing to chip in and help, but a professional brings a wealth of ideas, support, material and relief. On the event day, your family members and friends also want to be a part of the event activities and fun, don’t deny them this by making them “work”.

Look around, wedding/event planners are waiting to help😊. Call us!

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