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Some Sundays ago, I had to help with a baby shower for a friend and knew deep in my guts that I did not want the traditional baby shower games. So I got thinking…and voila! I came up with a really fun game...(thank you, thank you).

Ok, this game is not mine originally but I tweaked it to work for me. I recall playing a similar game when I was younger but couldn’t figure out how it went. What did I do? I took the title and built a body into it. Here we go…


Props: Balloons, tape, string, long rod with a pointy tip (I used a rod with a pin attached to it because I didn’t have enough time to get something else, but I advise using something safer), confetti and little notes with fun tasks on them.

Step 1: Scribble fun tasks on little pieces of paper and randomly stuff into balloons (about half the number of balloons)

Step 2: Fill all the balloons with confetti and pump, then tie with an invisible string (I used fishing wire).

Step 3: Using the tape, attach the balloons to the ceiling as close together as possible, forming a canopy.

Step 4: Prepare your pointy rod.

Rules: A number can only be repeated twice in one play…. Repeat till player is under the balloon canopy…. If player calls out a number without asking the mother, she takes 1 big step backwards

Step 1: Play some music and pass an object around among the guests (a scarf or paper plate/cup…anything). The item should go from one direction (right to left or reverse). Stop the song suddenly; whoever has the item when the music stops is the player for that round.

Step 2: Player asks “Mother may I?”…. Mother says

“Yes you may”…Player chooses a number…..Mother calls out instruction.

…repeat till player is under the balloon canopy, then..

Step 3: Player asks again, mother says “No, it’s time to POP!

…player tries to poke the balloons with the pointy rod. If successful, confetti drops and if along comes a note, players does the task.

Numbers & Instructions

  1. Take 2 steps forward

  2. Jump 3 times on the same spot

  3. Take a small step forward

  4. Make a full turn on the same spot

  5. Take a step to your right

  6. Take a step backward

  7. Take 1 big step forward

  8. Hop forward twice

  9. Make 1 big jump forward

  10. Take a big step forward and a small one back

  11. Take a step forward

  12. Take 1 step to the right, 1 to the front and 1 to the left

  13. Take 2 small steps forward

  14. Take 2 big steps forward

  15. Take 1 big step forward, a small one forward and a smaller one forward.

Notes: Mother here is the mother to be (the one whom the shower is held for)

Players are party attendees

If dad is present, let him be a player also. Gives mum a chance to order him around 😊

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