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If-I-Were-A-Minister, wedding ceremony charge

A while ago, I posted this piece on my social pages. However, I spoke with a young bride-to-be recently and the thought crossed my mind again. How are we sure we are making the right move when we chose to say "I-Do" and commit to a marriage for decades. It is important that couples understand what the terms of the marriage contract is before they sign the wedding certificates. When we know what we are agreeing into, we would be better prepared for the 'good and bad times', 'sicknesses and health', 'births and deaths', and all the marriage stuff.

If-I-were-a-minister, this would be my charge to couples.

"It takes faith to love.

Faith is believing in God for what is not yet in existence (Hebrew 11:1).

What makes you sure that the person you are holding loves you back? What is the guarantee that this person will always have your back? How can you promise to stay true to this person when you're not always in charge of your life? Who has foretold that you will be together till your golden days? The truth about life is nothing is in our control, yet we dive in with all our heart and might. It takes faith to trust that the sun will rise as usual the following morning. It takes faith to plant seeds in expectation of a harvest. If you are having a honeymoon getaway, it takes faith to believe that your reservation is still in place (that's to generate some laughter).

It takes faith to love.

So, love this person like it's your life's calling.

Love even when you're not getting back as much loving. Love with all your might even if your days together be few, it's better to have loved than to speculate about loving. Love proudly, and oh(imagine this being said by a veteran preacher with deep baritone a shake of his hands towards the sky) you will have experienced a love like God designed. Do you choose to step out in faith and love this person?"

But I am not a minister. I am just a believer in love and choosing to be in love. I don't know about falling in love at first sight, but I know about committing to being in love at first sight.

Let's build strong marriages! Let's save our marriages.

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