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Determine your wedding guest count with your legs.

You are excited about getting married, and then remember you have to start making plans. "Oh shoot! Who do I invite?" You begin to draw up a wedding guest list and quickly realize there's no way you can invite everyone who comes to mind. You know the people you really want to be there, and those you don' cousin Amy's boyfriend's sister. Or uncle Bob's business partner. Still you feel you should accommodate them all, "just this one time", you think to yourself. Now you're beginning to sweat a little.

You're not alone. A major headache for many soon to be married couples is drafting the wedding guest list. Deciding on who to invite can be a big issue and most times, brides and grooms have used the wedding budget as a great determinant.

However, what do you do when your budget is not an issue? You happen to stumble on some extra money or got an all paid for wedding offer. Yes, it does happen!

Asides leaving out cousins you never met or your girlfriend's boyfriend's sister, you could determine your wedding guest count by the number of people you can comfortably go around the room saying hello to.

It's simple, think of it. Proper wedding etiquette is for you to go around the room sometime during the reception party to personally thank your guests for their time and gifts, and mingle a little. Usually, this is when your wedding photographer captures those amazing shots of you both with family member and friends, which you keep for fond memories. This is usually when you have the most wedding fun as you get to smile wider and laugh hard with loved ones who have come to celebrate your love.

So, think of the number of people you can truly accommodate. Be realistic about it. Naturally the both of you should be making the rounds together, but if you have a big family and would most likely have to invite a lot of people, then you can split up at some point (maybe for colleagues and schoolmates) and do others together. This way you cover more ground.

Think of a number of invitees that you would be able to go around and chat with, bearing in mind the ones you would do together and those you'ld do alone. At the end of the day you may have cut down a list of 250 people to 180...or 550 to 420. You can always use the hall size as a reason, if you need to provide one. Truth is, most people get excited about attending a wedding celebration.

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