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7 Important reasons you need a wedding floor plan.

Shall we talk about your wedding floor plan?

Wedding reception floorplan-@101eventsatl
Detailed floor plan for a banquet-style wedding reception-by 101eventsllc

As you get down to the details of wedding planning and get closer to the big celebration – your wedding day, your wedding vendors will go over different aspects of the wedding day with you. Amongst these is the issue of your floor plan. Don’t know what a floor plan is, read my post on 55 Wedding Planning terms and meanings you need to know, where I explain a few of the major terms wedding vendors use.

So, why is the floor plan even of relevance to me, you ask? Truth is, no bride or groom totally leaves the wedding planning to someone else. Deep down, you still want to know how things are coming along and what things will look like. The

floor plan helps you see, in sketching, what the layout of the event space will look like. For the reception party, the layout specifies where everything would be positioned at the event venue. Items like tables, chairs, backdrops, the dessert table, dance floor, buffet stations, the highboys for the cocktail hour, and the welcome area amongst many more are things to bear in mind as you come up with the reception floor plan.

For the ceremony, the exact details captured in the floor plan will be different based on if it’s a church with prearranged seating styles or an open space where you provide the chairs and can move things around per your reference. Nonetheless, where would the décor items be? Where would the couple and the officiant be? How about the bridal party, what’s the formation for their standing be? Those are some ceremony related questions to bear in mind when working on the floor plan.

Depending on the team of vendors you have, this can be done with your wedding decorator, wedding planner, venue coordinator or day-of coordinator. Usually, if you have a wedding planner, they would go over this with you and pass on to the relevant vendors or actually have all the needed parties meet and discuss.

Here’s a quick list for why it is important:

1. you have a close to exact view of how the layout will look,

2. it helps you to consider the most realistic ways to better use the event space,

3. it helps with planning for how much furniture (chairs, tables, etc) is needed,

5. it eliminates confusion since everybody is on the same page, 6. it makes it easier to assign seats to wedding guests since you can see how the room will be set up,

7. it actually helps the vendors, especially the photographer, videographer, caterer and coordinator, do their work much effectively,

If you have not had this discussion with your vendor team yet, don’t skip on it. They may have it as a topic to address as you get closer to the wedding day, however bringing it up just communicates to them that you know a thing or two about your big day.

3d rendition of a floor-plan @101eventsatl
3d rendition of a floorplan - 101eventsllc on Allseated.com

With my clients, I use the tools provided by * Allseated. I get to create a floor plan which is according to scale, meaning it captures the exact room size so I know exactly how much space I have to work with, and even wow my clients with a 3d rendition of the viewing. You should look them up, their tools help with more than just the floor plan.

If you are a DIY bride or groom and need help with creating your floor plan, leave me a message here and I would be glad to help you.

Be blessed and merry!

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