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Sharing your engagement news

Can you relate with this engagement ring show-off picture?

I found this picture online and had several reactions back-to-back. First was laughter - cos it's kinda cute, and next was rolling my eyes - cos suddenly a flash of images of brides-to-be with their ring fingers out ran through my mind. Then there was pity for the truly excited brides-to-be who just want those around them to share in their joy, but do not realize that they might be annoying sometimes. We get it! Your engagement is a big deal - you've probably waited a long time for your him to propose and pop the question - and you are happy - as you should. Let's not skip the part that you have a gorgeous ring too!...and its beauty needs to shared with others.

Naturally, those around you are happy for you too. However, you can quickly stifle whatever excitement they have for you if you are being insensitive.

Not sure if you are being insensitive? That's another discussion, but for now let's get to the proper way of sharing the beauty of your ring and your excitement with others.

  • Tell your engagement story only when there is a genuine request. Everyone loves to hear a beautiful engagement story, but we don't all like hearing them at the same time. You don't know people's story and their state of mind. So what is usually an exciting news can be upsetting to someone who's dealing with an issue.

  • Wait your turn. Others have interesting news to share also, so give them room to share theirs before telling yours. Ensure you express true pleasure in their news, else you come off as unsupportive. The 'love' you show others is what you'll receive also.

  • Share photos and details only with true friends, family and interested people. Except you have a relationship with a person, randomly showing of your ring or unnecessarily drawing attention to it makes you appear attention seeking and insensitive.

  • Consider your spouse. In most cases, it's the ladies who broadcast the news of their engagement. While this is not a problem, it is still considerate to bear in mind the preferences of the groom-to-be, and be on the same page about how you should share your news.

You deserve to be happy, especially over a news like your engagement. We only ask that you bear in mind the feelings and preferences of other people and not make it uncomfortable or undesirable for them to be around you. It is important to note that the energy you give off during the engagement phase will determine how willing people are to celebrate with you when the wedding celebrations come.

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It would be great to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment below.

**Please note that the links shares above are sourced through an affiliate program and I earn rewards on each purchase.


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