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Atlanta, Georgia

You dream of a beautiful day

Let's make it a memorable one!

Wedding Planning

Full-Service Planning

You know what you want - an awesome wedding experience- but you don't have the time or ability to manage the several aspects of wedding planning.

With this service, you get help with A thru Z of wedding planning. From booking your venue to building your wedding budget, to selecting your vendors and more.

Partial-Service Planning

Either you were intentional about it or not, somehow you're underway with plans for your wedding day. You get a thumbs-up!

However, it appears to be a lil more than you can manage by yourself. You want to be as involved in the planning as possible, but you need some help. 

Together, we'll work to ensure a wonderful wedding experience.

Day-of Services

Day-of (Month-of) Coordination

You've handled wedding planning like a pro and everything is in place. Way to go!

You know you can't run the show as a bride or groom from the stage and need to hand over to a pro - not family members and friends, cos they want to have fun too.

Think of me as a manager for your event...a  wedding specialist solely responsible for a smooth wedding celebration.

Design & Decor

If anything is certain - it's that you want a very pretty space. What's uncertain though is if you should go with silk or fresh flowers? If you should do the decor yourself or not.

What's the theme going to be? Several questions to answer!

Flowers or feathers; ballroom or barn; DIY or design professional, whatever your preferences,  we can work together and come up with the best options that fit your style.

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