Lets talk about my 'Planner-on-demand' service

If you are having a 'Do-it-yourself' wedding, you probably have friends and family members offering different advice about

what to do for your wedding planning.

You actually may have wedding planning handled 

well, but need some expert opinion or just a neutral

person to talk with.

Whatever your situation is, with this service, you get the

chance to have an expert help you through that

aspect of planning that you just can't seem to figure out. 


Well, this works like part consultation and part coaching,

and we can talk over the phone or via video call,

whichever you prefer.

For a time window, we talk about issues relating to your wedding decisions - from deciding on the best ideas for staying in budget, to figuring out if you should book hotel rooms or rent and Airbnb to sorting out your seating arrangement.

Options available are:

1-hour straight session

3 hours session (this can be split into 2

sessions if needed)

5 hours session (this also splits into 2 sessions)



**Please note that additional services can be added on for extra charge.

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