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Planner on demand

If  you have ever wished you could book a wedding planner by the hour, now you can.

You can plan your wedding yourself and have and still have the guidance of a wedding planner?

If you have opted for a DIY wedding planning journey, it can be

anticipated that you will have some questions along the way. You

might find yourself needing some guidance or second guessing the

decisions you've made for your wedding day.

Talking about guidance, you have probably figured out that not all

advice is good advice, and when it comes to wedding planning, a

wedding planner is one of the best people to listen to. 


So how does this work?

Think of this as part consultation and part coaching, and there’s no
travel involved. We’ll have virtual meetings.

For a time window, we will go over the questions you have and find 

workable solutions to areas of the wedding planning process that are

yet to be sorted out.

These can cover issues like how best to handle seating arrangements, whether to book a hotel room block or Air b’n’b, choosing between fresh or silk flowers for the wedding decorations, selecting the best fit venue, sorting family dynamics, managing the guest list and so much more.


How to know if this applies to you...
If any of these description below refers to you, then you should book a session.

* You wish to hire a wedding planner but can’t fit the cost of a full 
planner into your wedding budget?

* You have figured out how to efficiently plan your wedding, but would still like to have a professional as a support system

* You just want a neutral person on whom to bounce off your 
wedding ideas.


You’re in the right place.

Whatever your situation is, I can help untangle that aspect of the planning process that you just can’t seem to figure out.

Wedding Planner

1hr Session 

If you need quick answers to a few questions, this would be great for you. We can talk about which venue would be the best fit for you, how to track your budget, if you should create a wedding website or not, and other things you have in mind.

2hrs Session 

You share your ideas, and together we'll weigh the options, the costs, and the outcomes. This is an ideal session for addressing issues like choosing between having a buffet or plated dinner style, fresh or silk(fake) flower arrangements, choosing between vendors etc.

3hrs Session 

This session is split into 2, per your availability, for 1hrs.30min per meeting day.
This would be great for you if you need help with sorting out details for the wedding like seating arrangements and timeline, which tend to take much time to work through. Budgeting and vendor vetting are also tasks that we can accomplish during this session. Via video conferencing(screen sharing), we work on that task right there and then.

Party for few

"Kemi is amazing! She goes above and beyond to make sure all of the details are taken care of. I highly recommend her!"

Ify & Laura

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