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Wedding planning Packages

Your wedding is a big deal, and now that you've said 'Yes' to the ring, my goal is to help you enjoy and manage the wedding planning journey, so you can be in a mind space to enjoy your wedding celebrations.

You can work with me via any of these packages:

Full planning

There are so many moving parts to wedding planning and you've figured you'll need help with everything. I work with you on every detail of planning your wedding, providing guidance through the planning timeline so you can design the wedding you've envisioned it. Together, we'll work through selecting and booking your vendors, designing a beautiful event and making the best decisions for a memorable wedding day. You get as involved with the planning as much as you want and I'll also be there to guide the rehearsal session and coordinate on your big wedding day.

Black wedding couple..._101eventsatl

Partial planning:

You can handle some parts of wedding planning, but need help with other areas, especially with keeping you on track and tying the whole plan together. You also may have started planning or have figured a way to manage the demands of planning the wedding. I come on board to pick up what's left or in other cases, work with you on a scaled-down planning package. This allows you to still do the major work and lock down my services for other aspects and day-of coordination. 

Virtual planning:

You don't have to be restricted by location, you can get the help you need from anywhere!

This is like planning a destination wedding, only the other way around... the wedding is where you

are, but I, your wedding planner, am away from you.

Yes, we may have miles between us, but the convenience of technology allows you to get to the

help you need with your wedding planning process.

Oh one quick thing!

Though I won't be there to coordinate the wedding day never fear, we would have enough notes

taken to guide the day of coordinator who would be eventually helping on the wedding day.


Need some more information? 

Kemi is the BEST!

"Komlan and I met Kemi, owner of 101EventsLLC, in early 2019. Since then, she has been incredible to us. Kemi is absolutely amazing and passionate about her job. She loves what she does and that includes her clients. She went above and beyond to plan our baby shower and now she's planning our wedding. Our wedding was canceled last year due to our unexpected family loss, and Kemi was with us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We are so grateful to have her as our wedding planner and now family friend and a sister forever. She can be professional and personal at the same time with her clients. She and her family have become our family. We love and appreciate her very much. She's the best wedding planner that any couple can ever dream of."

Yah & Komlan

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