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Atlanta, Georgia

Meet me​

I am Kemi - wedding planner and designer - and I am excited about celebrations. Better put, I love being part of well planned and coordinated events. I enjoy being behind the scene, making order and beauty happen. Having worked as an event decorator for a couple of years, I decided to combine that experience with my desire for order, attention to details, eye for beauty, respect for time and passion of making memories. 

Given that not all events are the same, we'll work together to make plans for ways to make your event about you and still memorable. We'll be creative enough to make the event fun and colourful, yet stay original enough to be true to the celebration.  

Got an event? Call me up! Let's plan and get excited together. I am in Atlanta GA but would be glad to travel.

It would be a pleasure to help you.

   Special warning:

                        I love the color purple and was born in February. Aaron Neville has a sweet voice and lightning bolts are my biggest fears. I am yet to discover what thing I love the most, but I'm certain woodworking is one of my hobbies. I would celebrate everything if I could, our world needs more happiness. I'm Nigerian, a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and believer.

Let's talk about how to enjoy 15% off your package fee when you book today.   


My big Nigerian Wedding

My wedding was so beautiful from start to finish.
101 events did an amazing job coordinating the event. I highly recommended using there services if your planning your special event.

Musili, Wedding

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