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Why a corset-back wedding dress might be right for you

Wedding dress fittings are not always fun...not for the bride definitely! Wouldn't it be nice if you could find the perfect dress on your first wedding dress hunt? A wedding gown that doesn't need any alterations is for sure the top wish for many brides-to-be as they go wedding gown shopping.

Let's think about it for a minute; what makes a dress require alterations? Asides major changes to the style, in most cases, its either because the dress is too big or too small. Many gowns just need very little adjustments - nip it or loosen it here and there, for that hourglass fit!

A quick fix for this 'fitting' headache is a lace-up or corset-back wedding dress closure style. Think of your shoe lace for your boots/snickers. You get to control how tight or loose they are. Well, same thing applies to the dress. Here are some quick reasons you should consider this finish for your wedding dress:

1) It requires fewer alterations: because you don't need to have a perfect fit for a corset-back dress, there are fewer alteration needs. Any adjustments that may be required would be for other aspects to the style.

2) It sucks everything in: this lace-up back option is great for brides with a fuller body. If you are uncomfortable with wearing an undergarment corset, you can have one that is built into the dress. You can tighten the ribbon as you lace the gown up, to fit as snuggly as you want.

3) It defines your shape: given that you can tighten or loosen the dress to your preferred fit, it help you achieve that desired hour-glass look. If you are very shapely, this enhances your figure and if you are struggling in the figure-8 department, this allows you to create some.

4)It just looks regal: the laced-up back is just pretty and dressy looking, especially with a ball gown.Want to turn a plain dress to something a little fancy, have a corset-back built into your gown.

If you already have a dress, that's no problem. There are many stories of brides who have had to alter the closures for their wedding dress by grafting a lace-up attachment to it. Bear in mind that this would have to be done by a seamstress who is an expert at wedding dress alterations and it might also cost you some good dollars/money.


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