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Wedding planning? Tips for figuring out what you really want.

Ok. So you’re engaged to get married, and this is your first close up with anything wedding related. Wedding planning just got real for you.

TLC’s ‘Say yes to the Dress” | Photo @huffingtonpost

From what you’ve seen on the internet, the tales of family members, friends, and cousins – let’s not forget tv too- you know you are definitely in for an intense wedding planning journey. The most daunting of this whole thing is that you have to make a lot of decisions and you don’t know where to start.

I don’t even know what I want!” It is not uncommon to hear couples, especially the brides, say they don’t know what exactly they want. Usually, this is a response you’ll say during a meeting with the baker for the wedding cake, or at a floral consultation. In fact, it’s probably most commonly said while shopping for your wedding dress/attire and boy, do I pity those vendors!

Think of it though, it’s not that hard. You’ve already made the most important wedding decision; saying “yes” to the love of your life. If you could figure out that you would be willing to spend the rest of your life (and that’s a long time, hopefully) with the same person, you can definitely figure out what you want for a day. You’ve got this!

Still feeling stuck and unsure about how to figure out your wedding planning

details? Well, I wasn’t going to just get you psyched without walking you thru it. Let’s give this a try, shall we?

You can attack (and by attack I mean to sort out, get to the root, break down… you get my drift) this confusion through 2 methods. Yeah, really! You can use either the elimination method or the wish-list method. If you are really picky, you sure can combine both… there are no restrictions.

Using the elimination method, you strike out those features or things that you don’t like. These are your definite no-nos. These are the things that you do not imagine seeing yourself in or being surrounded by or associated with. Let’s bring this home.

Gown: Ese Azenabor

Ladies, if you can’t stand figure-fitting clothes or usually go for wardrobe selections that are more subtle in tone (that is they are not loud in terms of colors, not daring or necessarily fancy when it comes to designs or bold in terms of materials used), you probably wouldn’t enjoy being in a Swarovski adorned mermaid style wedding dress. By the way, check out this wedding gown by Ese Azenabor

This also means that if you both have certain beliefs and preferences, like being simplistic, chances are your décor style will not feature huge vases with overhanging floral arrangements. So you know what to rule out during floral consultations and discussions.

The other method of creating a wish list goes a long way to give ideas about the things that appeal to you and would help guarantee a much memorable wedding experience. Naturally, this is an exercise that will require some reflection, probably some writing too, which I greatly support.

Really think of the things you get excited about as you think of your wedding. They are most likely the first things that come to mind as wedding plans start to take shape.

With platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, it is much easier to research what you definitely like, might like and detest. There’s no reason you should feel overwhelmed by the thought of what you want.

When it’s all said and done, your wedding should be about you both and should ref

lect your personalities: your style, interests, beliefs and all that.

If you stay true to you, it would be less of a hassle finding what speaks to you.

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